22 June 2010


13 June 2010


i miss them much.
but everyone has their own life right now.

just ENJOY.


it time to blog

when writing this post..my mood is down down down..
although has changed new template on my blog,
it look sweety and funny ,right???
hope so...not match with my real life!

recently..busy in my college and assignment
i cant do it as well..it's felt helpless.lord
give up.???impossible
im not a good daughter..

back home and open my laptop..
the first will be click in is '' facebook''
lol!><>< ) language did not improve anymore.dissapointed on myself.i not professional in writing and reading skill.. feeling regret to choosen public relation course ,every assignment need to write and think by self NO COPY RIGHT.how come..im meak nor....but anything is going now..just push some effort on it and everything will be fine.kay...just can express like his. event and problem.
-knowing some funny and friendly buddy.:) glad can be fren with urs
-but confusing into..who is my best friends?sometime i really cant answer this type of question.
haiz....everything is changing....we seen like HI-BYE at all.:(*

my life going to stress...worry...and becoming darkness.
PLUS my PIMPLE is back to me...worry><
what can i do???just let it..BUT I CANT.
cry....is a good conclusion.

-i will be keep quiet and moody when doing my assignment or focus into work...maybe that a bad emotional .but THAT'S ME. RUBY KU

I dont know how to improve my learning , writing and speaking skill in my language.


decided something.maybe that will be shock for him.
but that is my mind.